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Welcome to the Shahi Aam Khaas Daawat of Hyderabad. Select your Favorite order from the Royal Cuisine with different varieties of foods of Hyderabad. We have a wide range of Authentic dishes of Deccani Dishes select your best food for your upcoming Party from the below order List and Place Your Order Now


Please Note: Minimum Order Requirement is starts from 35 Persons. Below 35 Person orders will be treated as subject to availability and prices may vary depending upon the quantity.


Shahi Pakwaan-Royal Dishes of Hyderabad

Chicken Biryani Starting from 160 INR Per Plate

Mutton Biryani Starting from 180 INR Per Plate

Veg Biryani Starting from 140 INR Per Plate

Sofayani Chicken Biryani Starting from 180 INR Per Plate

Sofayani Mutton Biryani Starting from 200 INR Per Plate

Paneer Biryani Starting from 160 INR Per Plate

Zafarani Chicken Biryani Starting from 220 INR Per Plate

Zafarani Mutton Biryani Starting from 240 INR Per Plate

Mirchi Ka Saalan 20 INR Per Bowl

Kofta Biryani Starting from INR 200 Per Plate

Fish Biryani Starting from INR 240  Per Plate.

Meeta Pan Starting From INR 25 Per Piece

Double ka Meeta 60 INR Per Bowl 

Kaddu Ki Kheer 70 INR Per Bowl 

Khubani ka Meeta Starting from 70 INR Per Bowl